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Nifty Nine Patch posted: 3/8/2005
by Rachel Greco Printable Page
Category: Pieced Level: Easy
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This is a very easy way to make loads of nine patches. You can make this a coordinated quilt by color, or a very scrappy quilt. Buy a lot of coordinated fat quarters, made sure there is a contrast in tones to make the Nine Patches show up in this design.

You will get two 4 " finished nine patch blocks from two 6" squares
Step 1: Lay two 6" squares of contrasting shades right sides together.
Step 2: Sew a 1/4" seam on the outside edge of two parallel sides
Step 3: Cut this set of squares into three equal strips 2" wide, parallel with the seams
Press seams toward the darker fabric. You will have 2 loose strips from the centers and the other strips will be sewn into two pairs.

Step 4: Sew each center strip to one of the pieces with the seams -- one section should be dark, light, dark; the other section should be light, dark, light. Press seams toward the darks.
Step 5: Take these two resulting new sections and pin them right sides together with all seams parallel.
Step 6: Sew a 1/4" seam on each side, perpendicular to the other seams.
Step 7: Repeat steps 3 and 4.
Step 8: You will have two opposite color positioned 4 finished blocks.
Step 9: To get a 9-patch twin sized quilt without sashing you would repeat these steps 139 more times to yield a total of 280 nine patches to make a 63" x 90" quilt.

Rachel has set this quilt without sashing, but vary that setting by using plain blocks alternating with the Nine Patches, or use a narrow sashing inbetween the Nine Patches.

2001 Rachel Greco
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