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Listing of Quilt Patterns
Our Quilt Pattern List allows you to view Patterns and Blocks nine at a time in each category (Appliqué, Pieced blocks, or all) or Quilting level (easy, intermediate, or challenging). Click on a Quilt Pattern to view detailed cutting and sewing directions.
Categories: All  •  Applique  •  Pieced  •  Mixed  •  Foundation Pieced  •  Specialty  •  Easy  •  Intermediate  •  Challenging

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Tulip Applique Block

by Dori Hawks
posted: 4/20/2003
Seminole Sampler Month 3

by Barbara Siedlecki
posted: 4/2/2003
Mini Nonesuch Quilt

by Nancy Thomas
posted: 4/2/2003
Arrow Mosaic

by Dori Hawks
posted: 4/2/2003
Letter D

by Dori Hawks
posted: 3/16/2003
Big Apple Block

by Dori Hawks
posted: 3/14/2003
Mosaic, No 11

by Dori Hawks
posted: 3/3/2003
Seminole Sampler Month 2

by Barbara Siedlecki
posted: 2/27/2003
Letter C

by Dori Hawks
posted: 2/25/2003
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