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Quilted Treasures for Today posted: 1/24/2003
by Hallye Bone Printable Page
Category: General Method: All
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Quilted Treasures

Most of us don't need an excuse to make a quilt. Attending a quilt show or looking through a favorite quilt book or magazine is enough to ignite the "quilt fire". When I visit a quilt shop and see the enormous variety of fabrics and patterns available, it stirs my creativity to make a quilt for a friend, family member or for myself. Consider 2003 as your "Quilt Year".

Quilters have always marked great milestones with-what else? Quilts! Commemorative quilts have been made in honor of historic heroes, in memory of loved ones, to reflect patriotic fervor, and as anniversary or graduation gifts. In fact, there arenít many reasons not to make a quilt! If you are contemplating an event, consider these ideas:

Family Time Capsule: What went on in your family this past year? Make one or two blocks for each member of your family, including hobbies like soccer, your mom's cookies, or the fish your husband caught. Embroider blocks with birth dates and names. Do "Photo Transfer" of your family's pictures onto fabric and incorporate those into your quilt.

Historic Record: Make quilt blocks to commemorate historic events like the Millennium or September 11. Make a block that shows an outline of your state. Using "Photo Transfer", include headlines or special honors that your family has won.

T-Shirt Quilt

Tee-Shirt Quilts: Dig through your kids' drawers for their tee shirts. The quilts made from tees are great family albums! They commemorate teams, interests, and events. If your husband is a runner, gather his tees and make a "throw" for him. These are the quickest quilts in the world because the "blocks" are finished-the tees just need to be fused and sashing added.

Heirloom Preservation: You may not want to begin a new project. Why not consider 2003 the year that you restore and preserve your precious vintage quilts? Take a care and repair class. If your family heirloom needs a new binding, rebind it! Repair worn and torn areas. If you don't want to tackle such a project, call a quilt shop for help and the name of a restoration expert.

Vintage Red Cross Quilt

A quilt is more lasting than fireworks, more affordable than a car, a truly unique gift. The bride won't have fifteen identical quilts to return to a department store. The 50th anniversary couple will treasure your effort. The graduate will appreciate your marking this milestone with a unique gift. This is a gift to last through generations. And, 2003 is the year to make your quilt!

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