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Malia Webb
Olathe, KS

I have been sewing for years, since I was nine years old, and am now 48 (ouch)! I began using my mother's very high dollar machine for the time, and graduated to my own machine at age eleven. One that sputtered smoke if I ran it for more than a few minutes. Still, it did the job and my mother was much relieved about the impending damage I could do when frustrated about why a seam didn't go together just so! Then I got into making suits, and I needed a serger. From there a friend asked me to go with her to a quilting class at JoAnn's, where we could learn to make quilts when we retired and have an income (yeah, right). So I went, and was hooked. My head swelled. My groups were always full. When I announced I was going to go independent, let's just say the shop owner was very disappointed. I now console myself with the knowledge that I don't need more fabric anyway!
Title Date Posted Category Level
The Woes of a Beginning Hand Quilter 1/5/2003 Quilting Hand
If Quilting Makes the Quilt, What Makes the Quilting? 1/14/2003 Quilting All
You Don't Have to Win a Prize to be a Quilter! 1/20/2003 Quilting Hand
Hawaiian Punch 3/13/2003 Applique All

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