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What's New in Needles? posted: 8/25/2003
by Hallye Bone Printable Page
Category: Reviews Method: Hand
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Just when you thought it was safe to assume that nothing would change in the realm of needles, a new one comes a long. The Colonial Needle Company has discovered a "twin pointed stab stitch needle." Colonial Needle, representing of John James, Richard Hemming & Sons, S. Thomas & Sons, and Colonial Needles, has brought high quality English needles and thimbles to the United States. The new needles with two points, with an eye in the center, have revolutionized many quilters' stitching.

The twin pointed stab stitch needles are best when used for hands-free hoop or frame quilting. Here's how it works: One hand receives the needle on the bottom of the quilt, pushes it back up through the quilt, and the other hand pulls the needle up through the top of the quilt and positions it to travel back down. It's simple and quick. The needle stays in a vertical position instead of a horizontal position. The stitcher has greater control on how long the stitch will be because you can see where the tip of the needle is going. A bonus is that the thread doesn't twist as you quilt and the stitcher has no wrist strain. Since carpal tunnel syndrome is a concern for all who sew, it's great to be able to avoid twisting as we stitch.

We're all looking for a way to get more quilting done! Those who have used the needles report that quilting goes faster with the twin pointed stab stitch needles, a real boon to those of us who quilt using a frame. Michael James has quilted with the "stick-stab" method for years and has taught it as a speedy way to quilt. The double-pointed needles can aid quilters who use this method.

Twin Pointed Stab Stitch Needles are available in size 10 and are made by both John James and Colonial Needle brands.

For further information, contact:
The Colonial Needle Co.
74 Westmoreland Ave.
White Plains, NY 10606
Phone: 914-946-7474

2003 Hallye Bone

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