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Articles written about various topics ranging from articles about Quilting Tips to Quilting News, product and book reviews, to articles about history. You can click a category to filter the articles (to see just the Quilt History Articles for example).
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Title Author Date Posted Category Method
Emma Whiteley's Quilt *See Article* 6/5/2005 General All
"Flirting With Fleece" Book Review Dori Hawks 5/31/2005 Reviews All
"Slumber Party" Book Review Dori Hawks 5/26/2005 Reviews All
"Locker Combination" Book Review Dori Hawks 5/25/2005 Reviews All
Quilt is Tribute to Beloved Hastings Teacher *See Article* 5/23/2005 General All
"At Piece With Time" Book Review Dori Hawks 5/16/2005 Reviews All
Ottawa Lake Church Women Create Quilts from Remnants *See Article* 5/15/2005 General All
"Pajama Party" Book Review Dori Hawks 5/9/2005 Reviews All
Quilt Touts Military Service of Women During Wartime *See Article* 5/2/2005 General All
"Simple Blessings" Book Review Dori Hawks 4/27/2005 Reviews All
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