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Tulips Wreath #2 Applique BOM posted: 10/27/2004
by Ila McCallum Printable Page
Category: Applique Level: Intermediate Series: 2004 Applique Block of the Month
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Description: Tulip Wreath with six groups of two tulips, pointing into the center of the wreath. These six tulip stems are in a classic wreath pattern. Read the introduction to this block of the month.

The finished size of the block will be 12" x 12".

Fabric Requirements (for one basic block):
  • Background: 14" x 14"

  • Leaves: 6" x 6"

  • Stems: 6" x 6"

  • Outer portion of tulips: 12" x 12"

  • Inner portion of tulips: 6" x 6"

Click here to download Templates

There are many ways to make templates and Making Templates For Appliqué explains several methods. An additional method is placing clear adhesive laminate (Con-Tact® is one brand) on both sides of the sheet with the template patterns and then cutting the templates out.

Cutting Instructions: Prepare to applique by cutting your pieces out

Piece Shape # Fabric Instructions
Background  1 1 – cut this 14" x 14". It will be trimmed later to 12 ½" x 12 ½" to make a 12" x 12" finished block
A Right petal of tulip pointing out
B  6 Left petal of tulip pointing out
C  6 Center petal of tulip pointing out
D  6 Long stem
E  6 Left petal of tulip pointing in
F  6 Right petal of tulip pointing in
G  6 Center petal of tulip pointing in
H  6 Short stem
I  6 Leaf


Appliqué by any method you prefer. The following articles can help you decide on a technique to use: Fusing, Satin Stitch By Machine, How To Appliqué, or use your own favorite method.

NOTE: The templates do not have seam allowances. If the technique you chose has seam allowances, you will need to add them to the outside of the edge of each template.

There are 6 identical flower stems with two flowers forming a wreath. To print a placement diagram for the block, click here. Print all parts of the pattern and tape them together matching the pattern lines.

Place the pieces on the background using the placement diagram as your guide. There are many ways to place the applique pieces. Placement of Appliqué Pieces explains several methods for accurate placing of the individual pieces.

Create positioning reference fold lines on the background fabric:
Fold the background fabric in half and finger press, turn one-quarter turn and fold the fabric in half again and fingerpress

Fold the pattern so that the points of opposite flowers meet and fingerpress. You will need to do this twice, first (A) between two sets of stems on opposite sides of the wreath and (B) at right angles to the first fold, creating folds A and B.

Place a pin through the spot where the fold lines cross on the pattern and through the spot where the lines cross on the background fabric. Match Fold Line A on the Pattern with a fold line on the background fabric. This will give you the placement for the pattern. You may want the pattern on top of the fabric or underneath the fabric, depending on how you are marking your background fabric and placing your appliqué pieces.

The order of placing/sewing the appliquéd pieces down is:
  1. Large stems (D)
  2. Small stems (H)
  3. Leaves (I)
  4. Center petals of center flowers (G) and outside flowers (C)
  5. Right petals of center flowers (F) and outside flowers (B)
  6. Left petals of center flowers (E) and outside flowers (A)

TIP: If you are hand appliquéing, I suggest you do all the stems, then the leaves, then the outer petals and then the center petals. This will help keep the background fabric from stretching and your block will lay flatter.

TIP: If you are using fusible web, remember that you will be placing your web on the back of the fabric and your pieces may become mirror images of the original and you will need to reverse your templates when copying around them on the fusible web. Read the directions on your fusible web and follow them closely. Each product is a bit different and you do not want to use the directions from one product with another product.

HINT: If you are using fusible web and you have a light colored background fabric:
  1. Place the pattern under the background fabric making sure it is centered.
  2. Remove the backing paper from the fusible web, if necessary.
  3. Carefully align the pieces over the pattern in the order above and press the pieces to the background.
Press the block. To make the applique stand out, lay the block right side down on a towel and press from the back.
Trim the block to 12 ½" x 12 ½". I suggest doing this just before setting the block into the quilt.
The Finished Block:   
Color Options

Setting Options

©2004 Ila F. McCallum

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Category: Applique

Author: Ila McCallum
Level: Intermediate

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