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"Quilitng Your Just Desserts" Book Review posted: 8/8/2004
by Dori Hawks Printable Page
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Quilting Our Just Desserts
Author: Retta Warehime
Pulisher: Landauer Books
Publication Date: 2004
Suggested Retail Price: $21.95
Pages: 80
ISBN #: 1-890621-72-2

Quilting and food, especially desserts are two things most quilters love. In Quilting Our Just Desserts by Retta Warehime there are seven chapters, each devoted to one theme, with a quilt design, a dessert recipe, a quilt label (or recipe card), and sometimes a bonus project or two. Each chapter is named after the featured dessert and the quilts included are fun and interesting pieced projects.

Each time you make one of the quilts, make the dessert that inspired the quilt design. How much fun it would be to work your way through the book, quilting and eating!

Even the recipe cards/labels are unique and clever, and would look great on the back of your quilts. You could scan them into your computer, and print them onto fabric to go along with the theme of your quilts. It is touches like this that make this book and other books from Landauer special.

Besides excellent photography and graphic illustrations, the dessert recipes are mouth-watering. Landover Books is doing a great job publishing some different and interesting quilting books. Definitely, keep them in mind when looking for some new quilting books to add to your personal or guild library, and ask your local quilt shop to start ordering from Landauer Books.

Look for this book at your favorite quilt shop!

Publisher Name: Landauer Books

Publisher Address: 12251 Maffitt Road
Cumming, IA 50061
Fax 515-287-1530

Publisher Website:

2004 Dori Hawks (Reviewer)

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