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Dollmaking posted: 5/10/2004
by Kathleen Chrisman Printable Page
Category: Specialty Method: All
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Persephone was made for the Hoffman challenge several years ago. She is 14” tall with articulated fingers*.

I started doll making 20 years ago. At that time the only patterns available where the rag dolls you could find in the three major pattern catalogs at the fabric store.

Doll making has gone through many changes over the years. With the growth of the internet we now have a huge variety of designer patterns readily available. These patterns range from the familiar rag doll we all grew up with to the newest sophisticated art dolls. It does not matter what your style, there is a pattern available for you to try your hand at doll making.

Quilting shares many similarities to doll making. Both use fabric and thread to create a unique art form. Many textural and surface design techniques can easily be incorporated into a doll. Beads and ribbon work make excellent embellishments for dolls.

You will find doll making is very versatile. You can easily add your own style and personality to a doll. The more dolls you make the more your personality will evolve in them.

Here are some of my own dolls, and are made of my own designs. As you look at each photo you can see some of my personality in each one. I have an addiction to beads and tend to use them often. I have become known for my beaded doll hair and elaborately beaded embellishments.

Faith is a tree topper angel. She has real feather wings, a beaded skirt and articulated fingers*. Mia is a one of a kind stump* doll. She has a crazy quilted body embellished with beadwork and embroidery.
Mia is in a private collection.
Moonroe is 20” tall. He is embellished with beads and ribbon. Celeste is a 16” stump* doll. She is embellished with ribbons and beads. Even her fingers are beads.
Flora is an 8” flower fairy. Her hair is beaded. Her clothing is made from artificial flower petals.

*Articulated fingers are individual fingers each wired for ease of posing the hand. Chenille stems are often used to wire the hands. The fluffy texture of the chenille stem adds bulk to the finger so it often does not need additional stuffing.

*A “stump” doll is a doll without legs. The lower body is a solid unit referred to as a “stump”. This style of doll is great for embellishing and surface design work

US copyright laws protect all of my doll designs.
©2004 Kathleen Chrisman

Kathleen Chrisman is the Executive Editor of Dolls United Interactive Magazine. She is a cloth doll designer with several patterns available at or She also teaches online doll making classes and is in the process of writing some surface design classes.
Dolls United Interactive Magazine

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