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Foundation Piecing Basics Vol 1 posted: 1/10/2003
by Dori Hawks Printable Page
Category: Tips Method: Machine
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  1. Use #14 needle
  2. Remember the finished design will be a mirror image of the drawn design
  3. Sew with a short length stitch
  4. Use water soluble glue stick on the first piece
  5. Lay 1st piece down on non-printed side of paper
  6. Fold back paper on sewing line and trim fabric to " ("Add-a-quarter" ruler)
  7. Lay second fabric right sides together with first fabric and cut edges even
  8. Sew... Back-tacking at beginning and end of not cross another seam line
  9. Press seam and repeat #5-8 with remaining pieces(use a piece of plain paper on top of your ironing surface so the print does not transfer to the surface)
  10. If you have to rip out a seam...Rip on the fabric side
  11. Don't pull paper off till you have finished quilt top
  12. When pulling paper off...fold first on seam lines, pull diagonally at corners to loosen paper, drag seam ripper on it's wrong side along seam line
  13. Reproducing patterns:
    1. Sew through pattern onto to several sheets of plain paper without any thread and a long stitch then mark the sections in numerical order and the colors you will be sewing
    2. Copy on a copy machine that you have checked and make sure it copies evenly in size in both directions
    3. Trace the pattern with a light box (not near as accurate as the other methods)
  14. Foundation piecing can also be done from fabric (I use muslin) foundations using a rubber stamp and permanent ink to make the patterns or by tracing the designs onto the fabric. When sewing on fabric foundations it is possible to do these by hand or machine.
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