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Carolyn Lee Vehslage
Erial, NJ

Formerly a computer network engineer, Carolyn Lee Vehslage is now a full time fiber artist. Her current artwork is about technology’s impact on our lives. With titles such as “Fried Circuits” and “Motherboard Meltdown”, the computer series has struck a responsive chord with viewers. While they seem light-hearted and colorful at first glance, they bring out feelings of how microchips have infiltrated and complicated our daily routines. All these automated gadgets were supposed to make our lives simpler; but the benefits come hand-in-hand with new sources of stress. Her artwork is in the permanent collections of Museo de Collage in Morelos, Mexico, Musée ArtColle in Sergines, France, San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles in San Jose, California, the ARA Gallery in Miami, Florida, and the Kelekian Art Gallery in Beirut, Lebanon.
Title Date Posted Category Level
Carol Taylor, Sew Professional 1/22/2003 Art All
Cactus Imagery: Leslie Pontz 4/2/2003 Specialty All
Preserving Memories of a Lifetime: Suzan Hirsch 7/6/2003 General All
Lonni Rossi's Fabric Design Process 8/5/2003 Specialty All
John Flynn's Crazy Horse 9/1/2003 General All
"Thelma Smith: Will Quilt for Food" 10/16/2003 General All
How To Be A Professional Quilt Artist: #1 "Gallery To Go..." 12/4/2003 Tips All
Sherri Young Dunbar: Wild Bird Artist 12/18/2003 General All
Be A Professional Quilt Artist #2: Get Press Coverage 1/28/2004 Tips All
Be A Prof. Quilt Artist #3: How to Write a Press Release 3/7/2004 Tips All
Elizabeth Rosenberg: Developing a Successful Quilt Series 3/18/2004 Art All
2004 Art Quilts at the Sedgewick Awards 6/28/2004 Art All
Review of QuiltingPro Plus(TM) Computer Program 7/7/2004 Reviews All
Susan Schrott: Mitzvah Quilts of Love 8/3/2004 Quilting All
Cindy Friedman: Reflection 8/23/2004 Art All
Be a Prof. Quilt Artist #4: Exhibition Catalog 8/30/2004 Tips All
Karen Eckmeier: Creating Landscapes "Accidentally" 1/20/2005 Art All
Jury Observations From a Fly's POV: Pro Quilt Artist #5 1/24/2005 Art All
"Art On Paper" Exhibition Press Release 3/9/2005 Art All

This Quilter has not contributed a pattern

Half Mast at Anchor

posted: 2/24/2003

Yellow Rose of Texas

posted: 2/24/2003

Valentine Bouquet

posted: 2/24/2003

Underwater Odyssey

posted: 7/1/2003

Motherboard Meltdown Versions 3.1-3.9: Nine Patch

posted: 9/14/2003

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