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Tulip Applique Block of the Month Introduction posted: 2/29/2004
by Ila McCallum Printable Page
Category: Applique Level: Intermediate Series: 2004 Applique Block of the Month
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Level: Intermediate

The Tulip Appliquéd Quilt is a fun way to bring spring into your home. The appliqués can be done using any method you prefer.

The colorations shown are only examples. Since tulips come in many colors, you may want to vary the colors of your tulips.

The wall hangings vary in size from 43" x 43" up to 54" x 54" depending on the border treatment you use. You may choose to set your blocks differently or change the borders, which would change the size and the fabric requirements.

Fabric Requirements:

The fabric requirements are based on the designs of the quilts as shown. If you change the size or borders or make the flowers in various colors, the fabric requirements will be different.

The fabric requirements below are generous. They allow for shrinkage and for you to change the placement of the colors.

Center Portion of Quilt:
  Leaves and flowers ½ yard of each color
  Stems ¼ yard
  Sashing ½ yard
  Background 1 ½ yards

Binding:   ½ yard

Option 1 Border fabrics - Quilt with pieced borders:
  Red and background ½ yard each
  Yellow and dark green 1/3 yard each

Option 2 Border fabrics - Quilt with large tulips in borders:
  Red and yellow ¼ yard each
  Light and dark greens ½ yard each
  Background ¾ yard

Option 3 Border fabrics - Quilt with small tulips in borders:
  Fabrics for flowers ½ yard each
  Background 1 yard
  Dark green border ½ yard

You will also need:

Supplies for the type of applique you will be doing. For example, if you will be using fusible web, you will need the fusible web and threads to sew around each applique piece.

  • Rotary cutter, mat and ruler (suggested size: 6" x 24")
  • Sewing machine — please put in a new needle
  • ¼" seam guide or presser foot for the sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Thread for sewing -- a neutral gray hides well
  • Straight pins

Seams for Piecing:

The seams must be exactly ¼ inch. You can sew the perfect ¼-inch seam by using a seam guide or ¼-inch presser foot on your machine.

Prepare your fabrics:

Soak your fabrics individually in warm water. If you have a fabric that runs, rinse it several times until the extra dye is removed. Damp dry the fabrics in your dryer and then iron them dry. This will check for color fastness and shrink your fabrics.


When you are cutting your fabrics for piecing, you need to make straight cuts without a bend in the middle. Lay your fabric folded in half lengthwise with the selvages together on your cutting mat. Have the folded edge nearest to you. Place the ruler on the fabric so that one of the cross-wise lines on the ruler is even with the folded edge and the length of the ruler is close to the edge of the fabric. Trim the fabric with your rotary cutter. This will create a straight cut. After every third cut, check the straightness of your edge by redoing this step.

If you have questions:

If you have any questions or problems while making your quilt, please post your question in the forums, I will be happy to help you.

I am looking forward to your joining us for the Tulip Applique Block of the Month on

Setting and Color Options:

Ila McCallum

Ila's Quilt Studio
Woodburn, Oregon

©2004 Ila F. McCallum
Note: This quilt was designed with Electric Quilt 5 software.

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Category: Applique

Author: Ila McCallum
Level: Intermediate

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