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Bog Coat Pattern posted: 8/5/2003
by Cheryl Moncrief Printable Page
Category: Specialty Level: Easy
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The directions for making a bog coat are very simple:

  1. First, determine the necessary width. Measure the largest width (it could be the shoulder, bust, hip) and add 6 inches. This becomes the width of the square or rectangle.

  2. Measure from the shoulder line over the bust to the desired length for the garment and add 12 inches.

  3. For example, if the bust measurement is 42, add 6 inches to determine a fabric width of 48 inches. The length can vary for every garment made.

  4. Note: sometimes this coat will be cut on the lengthwise grain, and sometimes on the crosswise grain of your fabric; it depends on the measurements for your needs. Also, note that sometimes the width of your rectangle might be a larger number than the length. Don't get confused while preparing your garment.

  5. Also, remember to complete your design-work, your "art" before cutting and forming the coat.

  6. The lining, or base fabric, should be marked on the right side with a removable technique, such as a chalk marker or with basting.

  7. Make a template for the neckline. As seen in the drawing, it is a "rounded" oval shape. At the center back, the neck is one inch below the lines marked as the shoulder fold. At the center front, it is about 3 inches down the center front line. The oval is about 6 inches wide. Place the template as shown in the drawing and trace with chalk. This mark is on the right side of the lining fabric, as well as the lines shown in the drawing.

  8. On the wrong side of the lining, place your fashion fabric. Create your artwork, your design. This can be as simple or complex as you choose. See the photographs that accompany this article for examples.

  9. When artwork is finished, pin well and flip to the right side of the lining and baste on all fold lines and cutting lines. Before cutting, stitch on both sides of each cutting line on the sewing machine. This double stitching includes the center front line and around the neck template, as well as each lower sleeve cut.

  10. After stitching, cut the center front line and around the neck template area. Now is the time to try on to check if the neck opening fits. Decisions need to be made regarding finishing this area: whether to bias bind, add a collar, etc. This area can be finished now or later, depending on the choices made.

  11. Cut down the center of the line for the sleeves. Bind the long straight edge and the newly formed folded edge with bias binding.

  12. Bind the lower center front and bottom edge with bias.

  13. Join the one seam, the sleeve and front with machine or hand stitching. If finishing by hand, I recommend pearl cotton and a faggoting, feather, Cretan, or herringbone stitch. There are several nice multiple zigzag stitches on most machines; decorative thread would be a nice option here.

  14. Add closures: buttons, loops, frogs, decorative hooks, ties, etc.

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2003 Cheryl Moncrief

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