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Letter J posted: 11/12/2003
by Dori Hawks Printable Page
Category: Foundation Pieced Level: Easy Series: Alphabet Block of the Month
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Letter "J": If you are doing the block in theme fabrics, think about using fabrics with Jellybeans, a Jukebox, Jets, Jeans, Jars, or Jeeps. Read The Alphabet Quilt: Themes & Ideas For Blocks for more ideas. Make sure to read the Alphabet Quilt General Instructions before beginning.
Click here to download the Paper Pattern (pdf)

Click image for a larger view
  1. Make one copy of letter J

  2. Remember that the printed pattern is a mirror image of the design. You will be placing your fabric on the unprinted side and sewing on the printed side of the letter pattern. Read Foundation Piecing Basics Vol 1 for general paper piecing instructions.

  3. Main Fabric:
    • Cut a strip 6 " x 3" (5M)
    • Cut one strip 6 " x 3" (4M)
    • Cut one piece 2" x 2" (1M)

  4. Background Fabric:
    • Cut one piece 5 " x 5 " (3B)
    • Cut one strip 2 x 7 and cut into 3 2 squares (2B, 6B, 7B)

  5. Piece in numerical order. Place 1M face down on side of the paper without lines by placing a small amount of glue stick in the center to hold it while you place the second piece.

  6. Add Piece number 2B and then number 3B.

  7. Continue adding 4M, and 5M. Pressing between each step.

  8. Then add 6B, and 7B. Pressing between additions.

  9. Press well and trim excess fabric and paper to " around the finished size of the letter.

1999 Dori Hawks

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Category: Foundation Pieced

Author: Dori Hawks
Level: Easy

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