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Easy Way to "Design" for Applique posted: 9/22/2003
by Ila McCallum Printable Page
Category: Applique Method: All
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Would you like to applique a flower, bird, animal or other object on a quilt and just can't find the pattern that is perfect? Design it yourself. Find the object you want to add to the quilt, take a picture of it (digital cameras are perfect for this) and print out the picture. You can make the object the size you want it or you can size it later with a copy machine.

If you enlarge a portion of your digital picture, it may become fuzzy. That is ok. Just draw in the lines you want on the printout.

Place a piece of thin tracing paper over the picture and trace the object. The tracing becomes your pattern. The tracing does not have to be perfect.

Consider the use for the drawing. If you are doing hand applique, you may want to smooth out some deep curves and make it less detailed. If you are going to use fusable web and straight stitch it in place, you can be more detailed. You can add or subtract from the drawing in any manner you choose -- it is your design.

Make your templates and applique your design.

(Note: the picture I used is of "Spring Breezes", a pattern I designed to teach beginning needleturn applique.)

©2003 Ila McCallum
Ila's Quilt Studio

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