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Hurricane Katrina and "Quilts to the Rescue" posted: 11/6/2005
by Hallye Bone Printable Page
Category: Reviews Method: All Series: Hurricane Katrina and Quilters
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Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans and Mississippi. It was apparent that, when the residents of Louisiana and Mississippi returned to their homes, they would need basic things to return to a normal life. However, not only boards and shingles needed to be replaced. Quilts would be needed, too.

Since September 11, 2001, the “Teatime Embroidery Club,” a dedicated group of stitchers, has met at Patches, Etc., Quilt Shop in St. Charles, Missouri. We have learned how to embroider, knit and tat. We have embroidered monograms and tea towels. We’ve even made “tea shirts.” We’ve consumed gallons of tea. However, we have done little to support charities.

After I received an email from the AQS in Paducah, I decided to make quilts for their “Quilts to the Rescue” effort. I began sewing at home and quickly realized that, if I recruited the Teatime Embroidery Club, we could do many more quilts in an assembly-line fashion. I requested that our members bring their quarter-yard pieces of fabric, any large pieces of fabric for quilt backs, and this month’s meeting was dedicated to cutting, machine piecing and tying simple quilts. These quilts make perfect “throws” or are suitable for children. The quilts would be handy for people in wheelchairs.

The “Teatime” ladies responded by bringing lots of beautiful calicos. We grouped them as to color and size and then began to cut and sew 9” x 44” strips together. We chose backing fabrics that complemented the quilts’ tops. Several of our members layered and pin-basted the quilts and then tied the quilts, using yarn.

We plan to finish several quilts at next month’s meeting and today, I was able to send two completed quilts to:

c/o The American Quilter’s Society
5801 Kentucky Dam Rd.
Paducah, KY 42003

Before sending quilts for this worthwhile charity, contact the AQS. If you have any questions for the “Teatime” girls, contact me at It really feels good to “use up our stashes” as we help people who have lost everything at the same time!

©2005 Hallye Bone

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