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"Creative Log Cabin Quilting" Book Review posted: 1/3/2005
by Dori Hawks Printable Page
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Title: Fast, Fun & Easy Scrapbook Quilts
Author: Edited by Jeanne Stauffer and Sandra Hatch
Publisher: House Of White Birches
Date Published: 2004
Pages: 176 Hardcover
ISBN #: 1-59217-037-4

Review: By Dori Hawks

Don’t you just love Log Cabin quilts? It is one of my favorites, and my personal library contains many books on Log Cabins. “Creative Log Cabin Quilting” is one I am certainly going to add to my collection. The variations for Log Cabin quilts are endless, and this large book has many of them, and also a few new variations.

Some of the projects in this book “use the traditional rectangular shape strips added around a square center, “ others “start with a center that is anything but square. The added strips are not just rectangles, but triangles and crazy shapes that create Log Cabin quilts that are unique and very up-to-date.”

Log Cabin Quilts can be addicting. You start by making one quilt, then you decide to try another variation, and then a third, and so on. I decided to have my own Log Cabin Marathon for two weeks this spring. I set my small featherweight sewing machine up in the living room with a cutting board and small ironing surface on it, and began to make 8 Log Cabin quilt tops. It was fun! This new book will give you the chance to do over 37 variations of Log Cabins to please anyone in your life.

The cover quilt is made of plaid triangle shaped blocks and just gets you itching to get started. There are large quilts like Joined Hearts, Tulips Around The Cabin, and Overlapping Cabins, where no two blocks are the same, to small wall hangings of houses, sail boats, horses, and posies.

With lap sized quilts such as Simplified Log Cabin (which is probably the easiest one to do), Pink Dogwood Trails, and a couple of baby quilts you can get started making some new quilts quickly and easily. How about combining Stained Glass quilting with Log Cabins? Yes, a great project is in this book so you can do just that! Probably my favorite project in the book is the Foliage Quilt that has Log Cabin leaf blocks. It is spectacular!

This is book that is a good buy for your personal or guild library. Look for this book at your favorite quilt shop!

House Of White Birches
PO Box 9025
Big Sandy, TX 75755
FAX: 888-848-4414

©2004 Dori Hawks

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