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Quilters Rally in Unsettling Times posted: 6/8/2003
by Hallye Bone Printable Page
Category: General Method: All
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Quilters are creative, gentle, sharing people. War and hostility goes counter to their goals and personality. However, our world's topsy-turvy, almost surreal events have affected everyone. As Walter Shapiro of USA Today said in a recent editorial, "All we can do is anxiously watch television." The scenes we are bombarded with cannot help but cause us to worry about our troops, our own children and our nationís security. What can we do to avoid the anxiety that surely will accompany the events that we can't control? We can quilt.

On my car radio, a psychiatrist had some good advice to try to moderate some of the anxiety we feel. First, he advised to do something creative. Quilting, designing a quilt, embroidering or piecing a bedcover are soothing, creative activities. What better way to occupy your mind than to plan your next quilt?

Second, volunteer. Your local school would love a program on quilting. I gave a fifteen-minute talk to second graders in a Fort Bend, Texas, school library. The kids used glue sticks, poster boards, and brightly colored paper shapes to make "quilt" blocks. These still hang in the school. The Red Cross always needs blood--you can donate. Your local U. S. O. is run completely on donation-the troops need morale boosting. Call and see if you can volunteer there. Take your quilting-it's a good icebreaker and you can quilt while you listen to others' problems.

The doctor advised, "Know the facts, but donít stay glued to the television because it repeats information over and over, creating stress." I listen to books on tape, away from the TV. Avoid media "hype." Try to read some newspapers and listen to radio reports instead of always watching the television-graphic scenes can be upsetting.

If you feel anxious, don't be alone. Your local quilt guild may have a small quilting bee-be sure to attend. Socializing will distract you and you'll feel productive if you volunteer to baste or quilt the guild's raffle quilt.

Find a spiritual outlet. Doctors attest that prayer does change things and can even alter disease. Prayer and meditation makes you more tranquil and centered. If you usually quilt in front of the television, take some breaks away from the TV and try quilting in silence or while listening to classical music.

Though everyone handles trauma in different ways, quilters have special gifts to get through tough times. Quilting can help you get through the latest crises in America's history.

©2003 Hallye Bone

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