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Foundation Piecing Blocks with Multiple Sections posted: 3/14/2003
by Dori Hawks Printable Page
Category: Piecing Method: All
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  1. Some blocks have more than one section. Each needs to be pieced separately before joining to the other sectionsTop

  2. Follow the numbers for your piecing order.

  3. Press and trim each section in preparation for joining. Don't let the iron touch the paper. Press on the fabric side.

  4. Leave the paper attached.

  5. Put the one section right sides together with another section.

  6. Place pins through the intersection of the corners perpendicular to the block.

  7. Then take another pin or two and place them along the seam line going in the same direction as the seam. Remove the perpendicular pins in the corners.

  8. Sew the sections together.

  9. Rip off the paper in the seam allowance only.

  10. Press the seam with your fingers. I like to press this seam open, if possible. It will be smoother for quilting.

  11. Then press the seam again from the right side of the block.

  12. If there are more sections, repeat Steps 5 - 11.

  13. After the block is done, I do not like to baste in the seam allowances. I feel it is harder to tear the paper off at the end. Also, I like to tear this paper seam allowance off after I have added it to another block, sashing, border, etc.

  14. I do not rip the rest of the paper off the block until I have completely sewn the block to another section of the quilt. (On all four sides)
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