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Dori Hawks
Stuart, FL
Dori Hawks has been in love with sewing ever since she watched her grandmother sew holiday outfits and doll clothes for her and her sister. Once a teacher for Stretch 'N Sew, her natural love of fabrics led her to quilting. Having taught some form of needlework for the last 30 years, she of course began teaching quilting which led to her expertise in the field of machine quilting.
Title Date Posted Category Level
My Favorite Tool- Add-A-Quarter Ruler 1/5/2003 Reviews All
Foundation Piecing Basics Vol 1 1/10/2003 Tips Machine
Methods of Reproducing Paper Pieced Designs 1/12/2003 Tips All
Why Not? Piecing The Y Seam 1/13/2003 Tips Machine
Basting a Quilt for Machine Quilting 1/17/2003 General Machine
Paper Piecing Multiple Section Letters in the Alphabet 1/17/2003 Piecing Machine
Monofilament thread in the bobbin 1/20/2003 Quilting Machine
Blazing Bindings 1/25/2003 Tips Machine
Foundation Piecing Blocks with Multiple Sections 3/14/2003 Piecing All
Making Half Square Triangles, Method 1 3/27/2003 Piecing All
Quilt Sew Easy Discs 4/2/2003 Reviews All
Challenge - "What is Old is New Again" 4/2/2003 General All
Making Templates For Applique Blocks 4/20/2003 Applique All
Machine Satin Stitch Applique 4/20/2003 Applique All
The Alphabet Quilt: Themes & Ideas For Blocks 4/28/2003 Tips All
Cutting Pinwheels for the Whirlwind Block 6/25/2003 Tips All
"Weekend Quilts" Book Review 7/6/2003 Reviews All
"Cut Out Quilts" Book Review 7/6/2003 Reviews All
Broward Quilt Expo 2003 7/16/2003 Reviews All
"Quilting Curves" Book Review 7/28/2003 Reviews All
"Heartland Quilts" Book Review 7/31/2003 Reviews All
Quilters React To Change In Simply Quilts Schedule 8/3/2003 General All
"A Thread Runs Through It" Book Review 8/7/2003 Reviews All
"A Bouquet of Quilts" Book Review 8/11/2003 Reviews All
"Time To Quilt" Book Review 8/18/2003 Reviews All
"Nearly Insane" Book Review 8/27/2003 Reviews All
"The Stori of Beaded Embellishment" Book Review 9/4/2003 Reviews All
"Quilting The Savory Garden" Book Review 9/11/2003 Reviews All
"Dresden Flower Garden" Book Review 9/23/2003 Reviews All
What I Did On My Summer Vacation 9/29/2003 General All
Visit To Common Threads Quilt Shop 9/30/2003 Reviews All
Visit To Fabric Corner 10/1/2003 Reviews All
Visit To Heartbeart Quilts 10/1/2003 Reviews All
Visit To Sit 'n Stitch 10/1/2003 Reviews All
Visit To Tumbleweed Quilts 10/2/2003 Reviews All
Visit to Quilt Surface Design Symposium 10/6/2003 Reviews All
Visit to Ohio Historical Society Exhibit 10/6/2003 Reviews All
Visit to Sacred Threads Exhibit 10/7/2003 Reviews All
Visit to NQA Quilt Show - "Flight of Fancy" 10/8/2003 Reviews All
Simply Quilts Update 10/22/2003 General All
Virginia McNair Loves to Quilt 11/11/2003 General All
"24 Musical Quilt Blocks" Book Review 12/11/2003 Reviews All
"Hanky-Panky Crazy Quilts" Book Review 12/29/2003 Reviews All
Be An Angel 1/15/2004 General All
"Appliquilt in the Cabin" Book Review 2/2/2004 Reviews All
"Patriotic Little Quilts" Book Review 2/3/2004 Reviews All
International Quilt Festival Houston 2003 2/11/2004 Reviews All
Quilter Wins 40 Plus Yards of Fabric! 2/28/2004 General All
"Quilting a Poem" Book Review 3/4/2004 Reviews All
"Carolyn's Paper Pieced Garden" Book Review 3/17/2004 Reviews All
"A Heartland Album" Book Review 3/30/2004 Reviews All
"Americana Quilts" Book Review 4/18/2004 Reviews All
"Endless Stars: Strip-Piece Quilts That Sparkle" Book Review 5/6/2004 Reviews Machine
"Instant Fabric" Book Review 6/21/2004 Reviews All
King Tut Quilting Thread Review 7/14/2004 Reviews All
"Best of the Best Quilts" Book Review 8/3/2004 Reviews All
"Quilitng Your Just Desserts" Book Review 8/8/2004 Reviews All
Lisa Schiller Quilting Book Reviews 8/9/2004 Reviews All
"Quilter's Quick Reference Guide" Book Review 8/10/2004 Reviews All
Omnigrid Scissors Tool Review 8/16/2004 Reviews All
"Fast, Fun, & Easy Fabric Bowls" Book Review 8/17/2004 Reviews All
Keys Quilters Festival 8/19/2004 Reviews All
"Christmas Pizazz" Book Review 8/26/2004 Reviews All
"Storybook Stitches" Book Review 9/7/2004 Reviews All
"Stockings With Style" Book Review 9/14/2004 Reviews All
"Needleturn Appliqué Made Easy" Book Review 10/12/2004 Reviews All
Hello from the 25th International Quilt Market in Houston! 10/31/2004 General All
Houston Quilt Market News #2 11/2/2004 General All
A Visit To Quilters' Station 11/4/2004 Reviews All
"Add a Line" Book Review 11/22/2004 Reviews Machine
"Pathways to Better Quilting" Book Review 11/24/2004 Reviews Machine
"Scrap Quilt Celebration" Book Review 11/30/2004 Reviews All
"Fabulous Quilts From Favorite Patterns" Book Review 12/1/2004 Reviews All
"Mad for Plaid" Book Review 12/2/2004 Reviews All
"Coffee Time Quilts" Book Review 12/5/2004 Reviews All
"Machine Embroidery Quilts" Book Review 12/7/2004 Reviews All
"Romantic Quilts" Book Review 12/8/2004 Reviews All
"Colorful Quilts" Book Review 12/9/2004 Reviews All
"Quilts from Squier Lane" Book Review 12/14/2004 Reviews All
"Log Cabin Flannel Quilts" Book Review 12/16/2004 Reviews All
"Nine Patch and Snowball Quilts" Book Review 12/21/2004 Reviews All
"Fast, Fun and Easy Scrapbook Quilts" Book Review 1/2/2005 Reviews All
"Creative Log Cabin Quilting" Book Review 1/3/2005 Reviews All
"Fabric Boxes and Bowls" Book Review 1/6/2005 Reviews All
Brush Gallery 2004 Exhibit - Lowell, MA 1/10/2005 Art All
"The Cat's Meow" Book Review 1/12/2005 Reviews All
"Triangle Tricks" Book Review 1/13/2005 Reviews All
"Split Diamond Dazzlers" Book Review 1/18/2005 Reviews All
"Magic of Crazy Quilting" Book Review 1/19/2005 Reviews All
"Stack a New Deck" Book Review 1/25/2005 Reviews All
"Make It Simpler Paper Piecing" Book Review 1/27/2005 Reviews All
"A Southern Album" Book Review 1/31/2005 Reviews All
"Sensational Settings" Book Review 2/7/2005 Reviews All
"Baskets of Treasures" Book Review 2/14/2005 Reviews All
"Fast-Forward Your Quilting" Book Review 2/20/2005 Reviews All
"The Best Baby Animal Quilts Ever" Book Review 2/22/2005 Reviews All
"Bed and Breakfast Quilts" Book Review 3/15/2005 Reviews All
"Timeless Inspirations" Book Review 3/15/2005 Reviews All
"Little Memories" Book Review 3/22/2005 Reviews All
"The Best of Miniature Quilts" Book Review 3/22/2005 Reviews All
"Pretty Perky Polka Dots" Book Review 3/27/2005 Reviews All
"English Cottage Quilts" Book Review 4/3/2005 Reviews All
"Stitch and Split Applique" Book Review 4/21/2005 Reviews All
"Simple Blessings" Book Review 4/27/2005 Reviews All
"Pajama Party" Book Review 5/9/2005 Reviews All
"At Piece With Time" Book Review 5/16/2005 Reviews All
"Locker Combination" Book Review 5/25/2005 Reviews All
"Slumber Party" Book Review 5/26/2005 Reviews All
"Flirting With Fleece" Book Review 5/31/2005 Reviews All
"A Year of Hats" Book Review 6/12/2005 Reviews All
"Liberated String Quilts" Book Review 6/20/2005 Reviews All
"Everyday Jackets...Again" Book Review 6/30/2005 Reviews All
"Pants and Capris" Book Review 7/31/2005 Reviews All
Making Half Square Triangles, Method 2 8/4/2005 Piecing All
"Beadwork for Fabric Artists" Book Review 8/7/2005 Reviews All
"Ragged-Edge Flowers" Book Review 8/10/2005 Reviews All
"Clever Quarters: Quilts From Fat Quarter Cuts" Book Review 8/14/2005 Reviews All
"Crazy Quilting with Attitude" Book Review 8/17/2005 Reviews All
"Handle With Style" Book Review 8/22/2005 Reviews All
Katrina - How to Help 9/1/2005 General All
"Carry With Style" Book Review 10/4/2005 Reviews All
"Quilters Playtime" Book Review 11/2/2005 Reviews All
"A Few of My Favorite Miniature Quilts" Book Review 11/10/2005 Reviews All
Quilters of South Carolina Exhibit 2004 12/12/2005 General All
"A Few of My Favorite Antique Quilts" Book Review 4/18/2006 Reviews All

Alphabet Quilt

posted: 1/13/2003
Letter A

posted: 1/15/2003
Coxey's Camp

posted: 1/16/2003
Snowball No. 1

posted: 1/17/2003
Puss in the Corner

posted: 1/17/2003

posted: 1/17/2003
Hither & Yon

posted: 1/18/2003
Hovering Hawks

posted: 1/20/2003
Basket Quilt in Triangles

posted: 1/20/2003
Pin Wheels

posted: 1/22/2003
Ohio Star

posted: 1/22/2003
Square in a Square

posted: 1/22/2003
Greek Square

posted: 1/23/2003
King's Crown

posted: 1/25/2003
TQC Friendship Star

posted: 1/25/2003
Broken Wheel

posted: 1/26/2003
Flower Pot

posted: 1/27/2003
Letter B

posted: 1/30/2003
Wild Goose Chase

posted: 1/31/2003
Mosaic No 10

posted: 2/24/2003
Fruit Basket

posted: 2/24/2003
Letter C

posted: 2/25/2003
Mosaic, No 11

posted: 3/3/2003
Big Apple Block

posted: 3/14/2003
Letter D

posted: 3/16/2003
Arrow Mosaic

posted: 4/2/2003
Tulip Applique Block

posted: 4/20/2003
Churn Dash Album

posted: 4/27/2003
Sawtooth Star

posted: 4/27/2003
Letter E

posted: 4/28/2003
Hook Mosaic

posted: 5/13/2003
Letter F

posted: 5/15/2003
Goose In The Pond

posted: 6/8/2003
Whirlwind Block

posted: 6/25/2003
Cowboy Quilt

posted: 7/8/2003
Marvelous Moth

posted: 7/14/2003
Letter G

posted: 8/5/2003
Letter H

posted: 8/12/2003
Ribbon Quilt Block

posted: 8/24/2003
Antique Flower

posted: 11/11/2003
Letter I

posted: 11/12/2003
Letter J

posted: 11/12/2003
Letter K

posted: 11/12/2003
Snail's Trail

posted: 1/7/2004
Letter L

posted: 3/22/2004
Letter M

posted: 3/23/2004
Alabama Applique

posted: 4/13/2004
Letter N

posted: 5/5/2004
Letter O

posted: 5/12/2004
Spinning Rails

posted: 6/16/2004
Letter Q

posted: 7/15/2004
Letter P

posted: 7/15/2004
Letter R

posted: 8/22/2004
Letter S

posted: 9/12/2004
Letter T

posted: 9/30/2004
Letter U

posted: 10/6/2004
Letter V

posted: 10/14/2004
Letter W

posted: 11/11/2004
Letter X

posted: 11/29/2004
Letter Y

posted: 12/13/2004
Letter Z

posted: 12/19/2004

posted: 3/29/2005
2 Inch Strip Series Introduction

posted: 4/6/2005
Star for Alphabet Quilt

posted: 6/23/2005
Mosaic Twirl

posted: 8/8/2005

Fish Whack

posted: 1/14/2003

Camryn's Quilt - Raggedy Ann Redwork

posted: 3/10/2003

Attic Quilt

posted: 4/2/2003

Antique Basket Weave

posted: 6/15/2003

Dresden Plate

posted: 6/15/2003


posted: 8/12/2003

Jackson's Name Quilt

posted: 8/15/2005

Bright Houses

posted: 8/15/2005

Stars & Houses

posted: 8/21/2005

Homespun Houses

posted: 8/21/2005

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