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What Type of Quilter Are You? posted: 4/27/2003
by Ann Hazelwood Printable Page
Category: General Method: All
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There are millions of quilters all over the world. We communicate with modern technology and most quilters choose other quilters as their friends. If you understand the "type" of quilter you are, it opens doors of opportunity and understanding of one's self and your quilting friends. Perhaps you are several of these "types." You may have started as one type and now find yourself as another type. Each "type" of quilter adds their own taste and expertise to this exciting industry.

Which one are YOU?

  1. Naturalist: You are very inspired and comfortable with nature. The outdoors is particularly inspirational to you. When you really want to think clearly, you find the open spaces helpful. You notice the beauty of nature's colors and plant life, which is often seen in your work.

  2. Caregiver: Quiltmaking in your mind is to give happiness to others. You more than likely give most of your work away for others to enjoy. You enjoy planning these quilts for those you love. Charity quilts made for those less fortunate, tug at your heart, therefore you participate in these endeavors.

  3. Contemplative: Your quilting is very personal to you. Most of your most awesome ideas have been kept to yourself. You also enjoy reading about everything quilting has to offer. You do not need a "quilt group" to be fulfilled. Your preference is to quilt alone. Surfing the Internet might be a one on one interaction with your quilting.

  4. Historian: You never mind that you haven't quilted for some time. You may not even plan to quilt anytime soon. Your true interests lies in the evolution of quilting and enjoy reading about the quiltmakers and fabrics of the past. Preservation and restoration are of interest to you.

  5. Intellectual: You must have a reason and a mathematical answer to achieve your goals. It is hard for you to create an original design, but you have the drafting procedures down to a science. You have little patience in larger quilt groups. You do well with the high tech computer quilting programs available. People listen when you give advice.

  6. Traditionalist: You are very interested in what previous ancestors made as quilters. You like the traditional quilt patterns, and the Double Wedding Ring pattern is an ultimate you'd like to make. You always follow directions, and prefer to make the quilt exactly like the picture in the book. Art quilts are hard for you to understand.

  7. Activist: You are not in your element unless you motivate others. Groups of all kinds love your participation, because you are generally "up" and excited about what is going on. You love challenges and participate in them frequently. You aren't afraid to try new techniques and gadgets. While others procrastinate, you have already started.

  8. Libertarian: You generally advocate freedom in regard to most thoughts and actions, especially in quilt artistry. No rules apply so embellishments and unusual materials help you express yourself. Others do not always understand your self-expression, but your self-confidence prevails.

2003 Ann Hazelwood

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