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Hawaiian Punch posted: 3/13/2003
by Malia Webb Printable Page
Category: Applique Method: All
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Hawaiian Punch During my time improving my hand quilting, I began doing some Hawaiian appliqué. At a quilt show I bought a kit - someone else had cut out a "snowflake" that hardly looked like any snowflake I could imagine (more like an aloe vera plant with four spikes). I chose the prettiest fabric already cut out, and began the task. Trying to deal with a white on white background is not fun, but I did it, and decided the next time around I wanted to do the entire process myself. After reviewing several books, I settled on Mary Caesar's book on flowers. It had a large pattern in it, and the paper didn't look too complex. I returned to the local quilt shop where I taught and was told when choosing fabric that my color choice was poor; it should be more monotone. Huh? Monotone. Sounds boring. So I went with my instinct and chose a bright yellow. The shop owner was horrified. She said it would "jump out" at everyone and take over. I countered with this is only my first, and maybe the last, and I wanted to work with colors I wanted to work with, so yellow it would be for the background. Then I went to work. Was I in for a reality check after cutting it out - those inside curves were a very tight turn and there were too many inside points to count. However, the fabric was fabulous and the design delightful, so I proceeded. After completing the appliqué, I began another, this time in red and black. I didn't consult the shop owner of that choice. I mean, how hard is it to mess up red and black?

Hawaiian Punch

I am in the stages of completing the yellow backed one, and am down to the last stages of hand quilting the border. Yes, I put a border on it too. Totally unconventional in the world of Hawaiian quilting, but who says you have to do everything the same? It's nearly ready; the yellow has LOTS of background echo quilting, the flowers are orchid color with hot pink quilting, the leaves are a multi green with pink quilting, and the border is being quilted in yellow. Unconventional - yes. Distinctive - yes. Will you remember it when seen? Certainly! It's name? Hawaiian Punch!

©2003 Malia Webb

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