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The Gallery Listing allows you to view Quilts entered in the gallery in each category, ranging from Pieced Quilts to Appliqué to Miniature Quilts. Click on each Quilt to find out more information and see a larger picture of it. You can also sort the Quilt listing alphabetically, by popularity, or date posted. If you have a Quilt you would like to add just click on the link at the bottom of the page.
Categories: All  •  Art  •  Applique  •  Pieced  •  Mixed  •  Miniature  •  Specialty

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Underwater Odyssey

by Carolyn Lee Vehslage

posted: 7/1/2003

Wedding Dreams

by Maria Elkins

posted: 7/1/2003

#9 Big Head Series

by Kristin Tweed

posted: 6/20/2003


by Bethan Ash

posted: 6/20/2003


by Lori Lupe Pelish

posted: 6/20/2003


by Patricia Malarcher

posted: 6/20/2003

Large Puzzle Grid

by Judy Langille

posted: 6/20/2003

Recharge - Award of Excellence

by Ludmilla Uspenskaya

posted: 6/20/2003


by Carol Owen

posted: 6/20/2003

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