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My Favorite Needle posted: 1/20/2003
by Libby Lehman Printable Page
Category: General Method: Machine
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Before I started quilting, I used the same needle for everything. Boy, was I wrong! The right needle is as important as the right thread or seam allowance. I use a variety of needles but my hands down, slam dunk all time favorite is the Topstitch 90/14. This is the needle I use for all decorative threads, particularly metallics. Here's why I like it so well:

  1. Topstitch needles have the biggest eyes of any needle. Size 90/14 is perfect for metallics and decorative rayons. They are very easy to thread.

  2. The eye is rectangular rather than oval. The top of the eye is flat rather than curved.This helps prevent fraying, particularly with the shiny mylar and hologram threads.
  3. The groove in the front of the needle is deeper than on a regular needle. This is where the thread rides as the needle goes up and down through the fabric. The deeper groove means the thread is not as exposed and is less likely to fray.
  4. On the back of sewing machine needles is a small indentation called a scarf. This is what allows the bobbin hook to catch the thread and complete a stitch. The topstitch has an elongated scarf, which is roomier. Again, less likelihood of the thread fraying.
Try the Topstitch #90/14 next time you use metallics. It will make your sewing a dream!

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