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Reflections posted: 1/21/2003
by Joan Rodwell Printable Page
Category: Pieced Level: Easy
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This is an easy block that creates a lot of movement in your quilt. Strong diagonals make for an interesting arrangement. Based on a nine patch block it can be assembled quickly. It's a good block for a beginner to try.

Finished Size: 12"

Fabric Reqs For Block: (Example fabrics in parentheses)
  • 3" x 13" Med (pink)
  • 3" x 13" Dark (Blue Floral)
  • 4 " x 30" Light (grey)
Cutting Instructions
Piece Shape # Fabric Instructions  
A  4  Medium Cut four 2 " squares
B  4 Dark Cut four 2 " squares
C  8 Light Cut two 2 7/8" squares, then cut in half diagonally twice
D  4 Light Cut four 4 " squares
E  2 Medium Cut one 4 7/8" square, then cut in half diagonally
F  2 Dark Cut one 4 7/8" square, then cut in half diagonally

Assembly (1/4" seam allowance throughout):
Instruction Diagram
Step 1: Sew a medium A square to a dark B square. Repeat with the two more A and B squares. Press seams toward the dark.
Step 2: Sew and A/B unit to the other A/B unit. See diagram. Press seams open or toward one side. (Section 1)
Step 3: Sew the short side of a light C triangle to one side of a dark B square. Press seam open or toward the dark. Sew another light C triangle to an adjacent side of the same dark C triangle. Press seam open or toward the dark. Unit 1. Repeat with the other dark B square and the remaining B squares.
Step 4: Sew a Unit 1 one to each dark E square and each medium F square. Press seams open or toward the E and F triangles. (Section 2-B,C,F) and Section 3-A, C, E)
Step 5: Sew Row 1: Section 2, D, Section 3. Press seams toward Section 2 and 3.
Step 6: Sew Row 2: D, Section 1, D. Press seams toward Section 1
Step 7: Sew Row 3: Section 3, D, section 2. Press seams toward section 2 and 3.
Step 8: Sew Rows together. Press seams open or to one side.
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Category: Pieced

Author: Joan Rodwell
Level: Easy

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