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Starz posted: 3/29/2005
by Dori Hawks Printable Page
Category: Pieced Level: Easy
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An easy block that can be done with two or several fabric colors. Challenge yourself to see how many ways you can make this block look different with the use of color.

Finished Block Size: 12"

Fabric Reqs For Block:
Fat Quarter Friendly
  • Background: 14 x 24
  • Main: 8" x 23
Cutting Instructions For Each Block
Piece Shape # Fabric Instructions  
A  4  Background Cut four 3 x 3 squares
B  4 Background Cut four 3 x 6 rectangles*
C  1 Background Cut one 6 x 6 1/2 square**
D  12 Main Fabric Cut twelve 3 x 3 squares* & **
*Note: These show as triangles in the block, but we will cut them first as rectangles(or squares-see piece D) and piece the side triangles to make a flying geese unit
**Note: To Center Square C we will add triangles with squares D to make the corner triangles.

Assembly: (Using " seams throughout)
Of one block
Instruction Diagram
Step 1: Flying Geese Units: Lay a D square, right sides together on top of a B rectangle matching up one corner. See Illustration. Sew diagonally across square D. Trim excess and press. Tip: To make your sewing more accurate, draw a light pencil line across the diagonal and sew on the line.
Step 2: Place a second square D on opposite corner, sew diagonally, trim and press.
Step 3: Place a D square in one corner of the C square. Sew diagonally, trim and press. Repeat with 3 more D squares in the other corners.
Step 4: Sewing Rows: (Refer to layout illustration above)

Row 1 (top row): Sew an A square, then a flying geese unit, and then an A square. Press seams to the right.
Row 2: Flying Geese Unit, Center square unit, Flying Geese Unit. Press seams to the left.
Row 3: Square A, Flying Geese Unit, Square A. Press seams to the right.

Color Options


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Category: Pieced

Author: Dori Hawks
Level: Easy

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