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Visit to Sacred Threads Exhibit posted: 10/7/2003
by Dori Hawks Printable Page
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Sacred Threads Exhibit
Reynoldsburg, Ohio

On my trip to the Columbus, Ohio area, I was encouraged by Vikki Pignatelli to visit the Sacred Threads Exhibit of quilts. It was on the list of quilt events around the area, but I had no idea if it was close to where I was going to be….so through a couple emails, Vikki said, "Oh yes it is not far out of your way coming from Quilt National in Athens going to Columbus." I am certainly glad that I made the slight detour to see this wonderful exhibit!

Described as "A National Exhibition of 175 quilts exploring the themes of Spirituality, Inspiration, Healing, and Grief," Sacred Threads was a most powerful exhibit. It was established to "provide a venue for quilters of all faiths who see their work as a connection to the sacred and/or as an expression of their spiritual journey." The "objective is to create a dignified exhibition of artwork that touches on both spiritual and personal levels for all those who view it."

Each artist created their piece and wrote a personal statement. I set out to read all 175 statements. Then I soon realized that through my tears I was not going to be able to see to read them all, and I would have need a couple days to really absorb all of the quilts and their stories. Even though the messages in the quilts and the statements were deep emotions, there was a sense of peace as I wandered through the quilts. It was like in making the quilts and writing the statements, the artists had come to some sort of healing or awareness of the events surrounding the reasons for the quilts. The room where the quilts were hung was mostly quiet as the viewers absorbed the information encompassing each of the quilts. It was sort of like being in a sacred place.

The quilts were incredible: techniques and styles varying from each other, different sizes, but all conveying the same message you can impart your message through your work. The messages were strong and powerful. The response from those viewing the quilts was just as strong and powerful.

I have to thank Vikki for encouraging me to visit this biennial exhibition, and I would recommend that you plan a trip to Central Ohio for the next Sacred Threads Exhibition. I have included some sites that have information about Sacred Threads and pictures of some of the quilts.

©2003 Dori Hawks

Several Quilts from the exhibit:
("Resting Place" by Vikki Pignatelli shown above)

"A Mother and Three Daughters" by Cynthia Tabor

A Detailed View

"Symmetry" by Barbara Watler

"Across My Art" by J. Bruce Wilcox

"Flower Garden" by Caryl Schuetz

A Detailed View

"Gale Warning" by Dana Lacy Chapman

A Detailed View

"Matriarch" by Betty Pillsbury

A Detailed View

"Rocks in the River of my Life" by Lesley Hill

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