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Articles written about various topics ranging from articles about Quilting Tips to Quilting News, product and book reviews, to articles about history. You can click a category to filter the articles (to see just the Quilt History Articles for example).
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Title Author Date Posted Category Method
"Fast, Fun, & Easy Fabric Bowls" Book Review Dori Hawks 8/17/2004 Reviews All
Omnigrid Scissors Tool Review Dori Hawks 8/16/2004 Reviews All
"Quilter's Quick Reference Guide" Book Review Dori Hawks 8/10/2004 Reviews All
Lisa Schiller Quilting Book Reviews Dori Hawks 8/9/2004 Reviews All
"Quilitng Your Just Desserts" Book Review Dori Hawks 8/8/2004 Reviews All
"Best of the Best Quilts" Book Review Dori Hawks 8/3/2004 Reviews All
King Tut Quilting Thread Review Dori Hawks 7/14/2004 Reviews All
Review of QuiltingPro Plus(TM) Computer Program Carolyn Lee Vehslage 7/7/2004 Reviews All
"A Quilter's Book of Baskets" Book Review joy campbell 7/5/2004 Reviews All
A Visit to The Olde Green Cupboard Lynda Hall 6/30/2004 Reviews All
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