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Motherboard Meltdown Versions 3.1-3.9: Nine Patch posted: 9/14/2003
by Carolyn Lee Vehslage Printable Page
Category: Art Series: September Quilt of the Month Contest
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36"w x 44"h x 2"d

Materials: cotton fabric, computer components, computer ribbon cable, metallic thread, beads, metallic ink, wax.

Techniques: machine and hand quilting, stamping, embellishment, waxing

Statement: The "Motherboard Meltdown" series is a metaphor for stress induced mental breakdown. To see the rest of the computer related series, visit

MM V3.1-3.9 is actually nine separate quilts. The 'sashing' is multi-colored, multi-wired, flat ribbon cable. It's semi-transparent and looks really cool at the intersections when backlit. I'm guessing it weighs between 8-10 lbs. It won't tour the quilt circuit because the cable is very flexible and the wax might break off or melt in shipping.

Carolyn Lee Vehslage, July 2003

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Category: Art

Author: Carolyn Lee Vehslage

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