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Small Can Be Spectacular, Too posted: 4/2/2003
by Patricia Littlefield Printable Page
Category: General Method: All
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Escher 2 Recently while I was placidly stitching down a binding at my minigroup, the Captain of the local Quilt Police (self-designated) charged over. "Don't you ever," she inquired accusingly, "make full-sized quilts?" "No," I replied succinctly. "I made one king-sized quilt and one queen-sized quilt when I first began quilting and then decided that lap quilts, baby quilts, and wall hangings would do just fine for me from that point on." "Well," the C.Q.P. sniffed, "I wouldn't even bother making a quilt if it wasn't going to be at least queen-sized." Oh.

No one had ever told me that those who chose to make other than bed quilts were somehow not really part of the quilting establishment, but were instead mere dilettantes, producing only second tier quilts. I guess in my ignorance I had thought that all quilters were created equal, whether they preferred hand or machine piecing, appliqué, or quilting, or making large quilts or small, either utilitarian or decorative.

Boy, was I taken aback. Maybe I was using the wrong kinds of fabric, colors, patterns, and thread as well. Who knew? A quilting friend once wryly commented that anyone receiving one of my quilts would not need a night-light; because of the penchant I have for wild color combinations.

Escher 2

But, I have recovered from this audacious assault, none the worse for wear. You see, as I have no small children, nor grandchildren, I make quilts for our local hospital to give to young patients when they are admitted. (It gives me a reason to make as many quilts as I want.) Occasionally, I receive phone calls, notes, and pictures from parents whose children have been given one of these quilts telling me that they are much appreciated. So I have realized, that despite the fact that the quilts I make are small in stature, they indeed make up for it in the comfort they give to their recipients, and I no longer feel like a second class quilter.

©2003 Patricia Littlefield

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