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Quiltable Quotes I posted: 4/27/2003
by Patricia Littlefield Printable Page
Category: General Method: All
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The Quilt Police

You'd better watch out, you'd better not cry
for the Quilt Police are acomin' by.
They'll check your points, to see if they're sharp,
and if your stitches are too far apart.
And are your seams a bare quarter inch?
Does just the thought of polyester, make you wince?
All your blocks must be so smooth.
A stitch in the ditch must be in the groove.
And does your sashing align just right?
Are all your corners mitered tight?
Yes, the Quilt Police may pass on through,
but their self-appointed might, need not apply to you!
©2003 Patricia Littlefield

Quilters are a Funny Lot

Quilters are a funny lot, who shop for fabric till they drop.
They build the yards and yards they've bought,
into a stash stretched roof to floor,
and then go out and buy some more.
For no fabric there is just quite right,
for the quilt they've planned of colors bright.
So, off they go with eyes agleam.
to find that perfect shade of green.
©2003 Patricia Littlefield

Quilting is So Many Things I

Quilting Is Many Things
It's whatever trims your triangle,
winds your bobbin,
threads your needle, and
pieces your patches.
It's whatever binds your border,
squares your block,
presses your points and
steams your seams.
It's whatever traces your template,
separates your strips,
stencils your pattern,
and stipples your top.
It's whatever stitches your appliqué,
bastes your batting,
lowers your feed dogs,
and sharpens your scissors.
Some call it a craft;
Some think it's folk art,
but whatever it's known as,
Quilting comes from the heart.
©2003 Patricia Littlefield

Quilting is So Many Things II

Quilting is So Many Things
It's the thimble on your finger,
and the needle in your hand.
It's the fabric sliding smoothly
Underneath the presser foot.
It's the borders that you add on.
It's the binding that you stitch.
It's the featherweight you sew with,
or the computer age machine.
It's the corners that you miter,
and the edges that you trim.
It's the quarter inch allowance
that you use on every seam.
It's the block you've just designed
that you simply have to try.
It's the stitches in the ditch,
and appliqué that you apply.
It's triangles that are perfect,
and the label that you add.
It's batting, backing, sashing,
and all the gadgets that you have.
All these things just have to be there,
for a quilt to be unique.
Then you add a touch of heart,
And at last, it's all complete.
©2003 Patricia Littlefield

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