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Paper Piecing Multiple Section Letters in the Alphabet posted: 1/17/2003
by Dori Hawks Printable Page
Category: Piecing Method: Machine
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  1. The "X" and "Y" in the Alphabet Quilt are multiple section letters. They are the easy ones. You piece the top section and the bottom section separately and then sew the two sections together to make a completed letter. There are already two separate sections for each of those letters.

  2. Letters "B", "G", "Q", "R", and "S" are other multiple section letters. On those letters, you will see some hash marks and arrows. You must piece these areas together before you add them to the main part of the letter.

  3. When copying your design ( see Methods of Reproducing Paper Pieced Designs) Make two copies of each letter. Cut out the hashed marked sections with a generous seam allowance around the whole section. With the letter "S", you need to make 2 or 3 copies extra.

  4. Piece these extra sections. Then trim " around the outside edge (the seam allowance)

  5. After you have pieced the main section of the letter. Add this extra section to this main section. You will have 2 layers of paper in this extra section. Rip off the seam allowance that you have just sewn on the extra section only.

  6. You can now treat the letter as the same as the simpler letters.

  7. These are a little tricky, but worth it to have a more interesting letter. If you have not done much paper piecing, try some of the other letters before doing the above multiple section ones.

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