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A.J.'s Quilt posted: 11/16/2004
by Chris Phillips Printable Page
Category: Pieced
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This is paper peiced and is the companion quilt to Lindsay's quilt- I did not think of using Dori's alphabet pattern until after I had given Lindsay her quilt. If you will note - there is a purple piece in this quilt - I was piecing both quilts at the same time and grabbed a blck and white and put it into one of Lindsay's blocks by mistake - so instead of redoing - I closed my eyes and picked up one of Lindsay's fabrics and put it into AJ's --- Just a 'memorable mis-stitch' .

They picked out their pattern and fabrics last spring up in New Hampshire at Keepsake, a very remarkable and wonderful quilt shop!

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Category: Pieced

Author: Chris Phillips

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