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Why Not? Piecing The Y Seam posted: 1/13/2003
by Dori Hawks Printable Page
Category: Tips Method: Machine
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Many times you find three pieces that you must sew together to make different quilts, such as baby blocks, kite shaped pieces, or even the setting triangles and squares for a lone star quilt. Trying to get these sewn together without getting a little pleat has been difficult.

Make the process easier by:

  1. Always sew from the cut edges into the center with the greatest amount of fabric to the left of the needle.

  2. Use a foot on your machine that has an open channel so you can see where you are sewing.

  3. Use a " guide to the right of your foot so your seam allowance is accurate. I use a piece of foam pad with a sticky side. You can use a magnetic seam guide or even a piece of masking tape, whatever you find easier.

  4. Start your seam at the edge of the fabric, but stop sewing " from the center.

  5. Back stitch at the beginning and end of your seams.

  6. After sewing all three seams, press all the seam allowances going in one direction so the center lies flat opening up like the petals of a flower.
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