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Linda Schmidt
Dublin, CA

I come from a long line of quilting women and started my first quilt when I was eight years old, and have made hundreds of quilts since then, having won over 250 ribbons from local, national and international quilting exhibitions. I teach quilting nationally and internationally and online at, do trunk shows with both quilts and garments, am a secretary for the City of Dublin, was a member of the Alameda County Art Commission for six years and Chairman of it for two years. I am a musician (play flute, guitar and piano), an active member of Amador Valley Quilters, IQA, AQS, and NQA, and was a founding member of the Network for Wearable Art. I have four part-time paying jobs, three children, one husband, a five-bedroom house I clean myself, two flutes, two guitars, a piano and a B. A. in French that has suddenly ceased to be totally useless. In my spare time, I write really bad poetry and am learning sign language. The bottom line is that there is nothing I like better than to talk to people about quilting, unless it is making quilts and wearable art. I have an eclectic taste in quilts and quilters, an insatiably inquiring mind and a sincere desire to help others learn what they need to know in order to do what needs to be done. If you'd like to see more of my work, or find out about talks and workshops, please visit my website at Always remember those immortal words of Mary Ellen Hopkins:  'If YOU don't cut your fabric up to make quilts with it, your descendants will make Halloween costumes out of it!'
Title Date Posted Category Level
Independent Study 1/9/2003 General All
Jealousy of a Quilting Queen 1/12/2003 General All
The Dancing Bear 1/15/2003 Art All
If You Build It, They Will Come 1/18/2003 General All
What Quilt WILL He Think of Next 1/20/2003 Art Machine
Stuff Your Mother Should Have Told You About Quiltmaking 1/21/2003 Tips All
Review - Smiss Silk Hand Cream 3/6/2003 Reviews All

This Quilter has not contributed a pattern

Girls Day Out at Tumwater Falls

posted: 3/4/2003

Fantasy Falls

posted: 9/14/2003

Girl of the Limberlost

posted: 10/8/2003

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