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About Us is definitely a family business; the co-creators are mother and son. David Hawks came up with the idea when he was listening to his mother, Dori Hawks, talk about the sheer magnitude of quilting information and thought of the opportunities for the web to deliver it in a more useful manner.

David, whose career has taken him to work on web development projects with companies like Chrysler and Sprint, wanted to find something he could do on his own. After listening to his mom talk about quilting over the years, he started to realize there was an opportunity to bring a quilting site to quilters at a level of professionalism that hadn't been done before. With his mother's help and contacts in the quilting world, he thought he could create a site that was easy to use and made sharing information within the quilting community easier and more resourceful.

Dori is an avid (Now that is an understatement!) quilter and had recently found the wonders of the Internet, but was dismayed by the lack of a quilting web site that had information all in one site, and also contained information that was up to date. When David brought up the subject, she was very intrigued and instantly hooked. They spent several months discussing the project and determining the best way to create and design the site.

Then they got the rest of the family involved. Jim Hawks, Dori's husband, became the investor and financial analyst. David's wife Janet, who is also a web developer, helped with page creation and site wording. Other members of the family have pitched in to help, too (including a two year old who loves to "deliver" documents as they come out of the printer to one of the three computer operators [Mommy, Daddy, or Yama] in office.)

David, Janet, Jim, & Dori

With David's programming and business knowledge and Dori's quilting wisdom, they hope the site will be a success. Working on this project has also brought the two closer together, and so far has kept Dori chained to her computer and too far away from her sewing machine! One main thing, we are all enjoying working and maintaining

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